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Metadata Import Function (MIF)

Supported by DS-7000 and DS-3500 as of firmware version 1.10

The xml-Interface (e.g. HL7) to your mobile dictation device

1 Introduction

Many professional users of mobile voice recorders want to link a certain case or patient to a certain dictation file. This strong link can only be done via unique IDs, which are mostly long rows of digits (4212341235453).

Since it is very inconvenient to manually type in long IDs Olympus invented the Metadata Import function.

In former times it was common to use a barcode scanner to (patient) ID with the dictation file. Now you just have to pick your patient, case or client and it´s mapped. Precise dictating was never easier, faster and more costs reducing.

2 What are the benefits?

For authors:

  • No long introductions anymore due to speaking for instance patient name, age, gender and date of birth at the beginning of each dictation.
  • Quick patient selection before you start to dictate
  • No bulky and expensive barcode scanner needed
  • Option to check some master data on the way

For the everybody in your organization:

  • No mistakes or misunderstandings due to strong mapping of your case or patient to your dictation
  • High process stability
  • Easy integration into existing IT systems (e.g. HIS, PACS, RIS, CRM, ERP etc.)
  • Fast document creation due to a high level of automation

For your clients:

  • High satisfaction because of fast and reliable processes

3 (Q&A) Questions and answers

Q1 – Is it compatible with HL7?

Yes, the system administrator in charge just has to make sure that the data export via HL7 is following the framework of the demogra.xml file.

Q2 – How long does it take to navigate through hundreds of data sets with my voice recorder?

It is very quick, because you easily find the desired entry by means of the filter function. Just type in the first characters of what you are searching.

Q3 – Does my DS-7000 support the MIF feature?

Yes, this feature is supported by any DS-7000 or DS-3500, if you have the firmware version 1.10 or higher.

Q4 – How do the data get into the device?

Either automatically* always when the device is connected to the dictation network or manually by copying the deomgra.xml file into the \SYSTEM folder of the device. The automatic import must be supported by your (dictation) software.

* Must be supported by the particular software in use.

Subject to changes in design and technology without notice.